Faculty Profile


Amreesh Kumar


Lecturer in Commerce

Mr. Amreesh  Kumar  Awasthi  teaches Commerce and Management subjects after having eight years of industry Experience in pharmaceutical marketing in various capacities, including as Regional Manager. He has nearly a decade and a half of experience teaching in different colleges.  He has co-authored two text books for undergraduate courses. He is a resource person on personal investment and financial markets. Currently, he is also the Faculty Mentor for the student Finance Club at St Mary’s College.

M. Bikshapathi

MCom (Osmania); PGDCA

Lecturer in Commerce and Accounting

Mr. M. Bikshapathi has over a decade of experience teaching at the undergraduate level. He has been with St. Mary’s College since June, 2013. He has participated and presented papers in several National and International seminars.

Deepa Agarwal


Lecturer in Commerce

Ms. Deepa Agarwal has been with St Mary’s College for nearly a decade. A dedicated and student focused teaching professional, she is committed to providing a well balanced, supportive and learning environment for all students. She is hardworking and systematic in all her planning and execution, and has excellent professional relationship with her students and colleagues. She is conscious of the variations in student learning styles and abilities, and is committed to being an effective teacher in diverse classroom environments. Currently, she coordinates the BCom program of the College.

P. Harini


Lecturer in Commerce

Ms. P. Harini joined the St Mary’s College in 2008. A dedicated and committed professional with nearly a decade and a half of teaching experience, she is focused on bringing Information Technology education to undergraduate commerce classrooms. A dynamic teacher, she inspires and motivates students to be up to date with computers. She takes personal initiative to address issues related to staff and student welfare.

D. Jayalakshmi


Lecturer in Commerce

Ms. D. Jayalakshmi has been with St Mary’s College, Yosufguda, since 2005. A popular teacher, she has consistently played the role of a Mentor, providing the students with guidance at all levels. Over the years, she has served the institution in various capacities including as the Head of the Department of Commerce and Management, and as Head of Degree Programs and Examinations. She is well known for her teaching as well as for encouraging co-curricular activities which are key to the overall development of her students. An able administrator and a strong personality, she was instrumental in initiating several reforms at the Department level.

Kavitha Thakur

MCom, MPhil

Lecturer in Commerce

Ms. Kavitha Thakur is an experienced teacher with two decades of academic experience. She has been with St. Mary’s College, Yousufguda since 2006. Always willing to learn new things, she is a keen researcher, with several paper presentations in International and National Conferences to her credit. She has served the institution in various capacities and has headed several committees. A team player, she is known for her straight forward approach to issues and situations.

Putta Padmaja

MCom (Osmania); MBA (JNTU); M.Ed (Osmania)

Lecturer in Commerce

Ms. Putta Padmaja joined St Mary’s College in 2015, after having taught commerce at the undergraduate level for over 15 years. A popular teacher, she is well known for her enthusiasm and commitment to her students. A state-level athlete during her student days, she continues to have a lively and progressive outlook to life, and strives for excellence in all her endeavors. Currently, she coordinates the BCom program at St Mary’s College

Sai Geetha

MCom (Nagarjuna)

Lecturer in Commerce

Ms. Sai Geetha has more than two decades of teaching experience. She is well known among students for teaching concepts based on examples and practical incidents that make their learning very effective. She believes in the importance of discipline and takes all the efforts to mentor the students personally.

Sri Sai Chilukuri

P.G. , M.B.A (Finance), M.Ed

Lecturer in Commerce

Mr. Sri Sai Chilukuri joined the St Mary’s College in 2013, after completing his Masters in Commerce, with a specialization in Finance. His passion for academics drove him to choose a teaching career. His academic interests are in the fields of Accounting, Economics and Banking. He is a keen researcher and has participated in various national and international conferences, and has also published several articles.

T. Vidyasagar


Lecturer in Commerce

Mr. T. Vidyasagar has over a decade of experience teaching subjects ranging from Business Law and Taxation to Cost Accounting and Corporate Accounting. He also has nearly three decades of industry experience, especially in the field of Accounting. He has been with St Mary’s College, Yousufguda, since 2009.