Our Pillars

The founders of the future.

At St. Mary’s College you will be exposed to an environment that thrives on hands-on learning as well as critical and creative thinking. Our fully stocked library ‘Bibliothéque’ gives you access to the resources you need to pursue academic excellence.



Chairman, St. Mary’s Educational Society

An academician and a passionate teacher, education for Mr. B. Arogya Reddy, is the most important element of life. With over 40 years of invaluable experience under his belt, he is the Founder and Chairman of the St. Mary’s Educational Society and looks at education as a stepping stone not just toward greatness and success but also to living a life of dignity. The foundations of St. Mary’s Junior College in the year 1982 was based on not just education but ‘Quality’ education. And Mr. Reddy understands the intrinsic dierence between the two. The recipient of several accolades such as the ‘Best Teacher Award,’ ‘Best Principal – Junior College Award,’ ‘Award for Outstanding Services’ to name a few. Mr. Reddy believes that learning is a never-ending process and has dedicated his life for the progress and upliftment of the student community.

Mr. Reddy holds a Post-Graduate Degree in English from the Osmania University. He served in several capacities – As a school teacher, lecturer and a principal before stepping out on his own and laying down the foundation for the St. Mary’s Education Society.

A prolific reader and an excellent orator, Mr. Reddy is an ideal leader who continues to play a very active role in the Society and has been instrumental in shaping its institutions into portals of academic excellence.



Secretary & Correspondent, St. Mary’s Educational Society

A Telugu Pundit, Mrs. Mary Reddy started her career as a teacher in Telugu and went on to become a lecturer in Telugu. A devout catholic with a profound sense of selfless service, Mrs. Mary Reddy has been a mentor to the young sta of the institutions within the St. Mary’s Educational Society. She is an inspiration with her kind words and a willing shoulder to lean on. Mrs. Reddy is highly regarded by both the sta and students for her wise counsel.

As the Secretary of the Society, she handles the broad administrative and human resources functions.



Group Director, St. Mary’s Educational Society

Mr. Mahender Reddy is known for his commendable dynamic leadership which started at the age of 23, as the Principal of St. Mary’s College, Yousufguda. Mr. B. Mahender Reddy today spearheads the St. Mary’s Educational Society as the Group Director, providing leadership and a progressive vision. A graduate in Mechanical Engineering and a Post-Graduate in Business Administration, Mr. Reddy has made education his life’s calling.

He is passionate about education, and has worked relentlessly to take St. Mary’s College to new heights. It is now known as the most “Happening” college in the twin cities and had made a mark in the educational sector of the state of Telangana. He has created an impressive culture of prioritizing academic excellence amongst all the institutions of the St. Mary’s Educational Society, and has provided strategic direction for all its students to be well rounded.

Mr. Reddy believes that if by the end of a student’s academic journey they would be able to identify and pursue their life’s calling, whatever it be, then and only then have they truly been educated. In his current role as the Group Director, Mr. Reddy travels extensively and is quick to embrace new technologies and best practices around the world to ensure his institutions stays a cut above the rest and relevant in a cluttered educational world.

Being an educator is his first priority and life’s calling. He is an International Guidance Counselor for the Washington University, St. Louis. He is also an avid golfer, a voracious reader, and an upcoming author. He recently wrote and published the book “School of Life – biography of an Academic Legend” in honor of his father and renowned educator, Mr. B. Arogya Reddy.