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Campus Life

St. Mary’s College offers a rich campus life consisting of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, and competitive and non-competitive events.

Student Clubs

St. Mary’s College houses many student clubs whose aim is to provide students with an opportunity to augment their learning with experiencesthat come through extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. The clubs cover the spectrum from sports to creative arts. Film screening, play staging, seminars, group discussions, industrial tours and corporate tours are periodically arranged for the students as an integral part of the goal of broadening the horizons of students at St. Mary’s College.The student clubs housed at our college are:


Ahia, the Marketing Club, is where the future brand geniuses come together to innovate and learn. This creative club is open to all who are interested in advertising, public relations, branding, market research and selling. Members of Ahiaconstantly strive to push the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to improving market visibility for products and services. The club is about standing out and being noticed. If you would like to be lost in the crowd, this one is not for you!Anureetha Das, Lecturer in Management, is the Faculty Mentor of Ahia.


E-Cell, the Entrepreneurship Club, is open to all students who share a passion for entrepreneurship and business, andwho would like to be their own boss. Its members prefer creating employment to being employed by someone else. A member of the National Entrepreneurship Network, this student body provides the resources and skills to awaken the entrepreneur in you. Events organized by the E-Cell include talks by entrepreneurs and knowledge-sharing sessions and seminars. M Bobby, Assistant Professor of Management, is the Faculty Mentor of the E-Cell.

Finance Club

The Finance Club is open to all students who are passionate about the world of finance.The aim of this club is to provide a platform where financial knowledge can be learned and shared among its members. The club helps themlearn the nuances of financial planning, tax planning, the functioning of the stock exchange andother aspects of financein order to prepare them for a career in finance and business.Amresh Kumar Awasthi, Lecturer in Commerce, is the Faculty Mentor of the Finance Club.

IT Club

The IT Club is open to all students who are excited about information technology, computers and bots. Its members get an opportunity to explore IT-related interests and develop marketable IT skills and abilities. Students get an opportunity to interact with students and mentors with interest in computing. Some of the events organised by this club include guest lectures by industry experts, IT workshops, and IT awareness campaigns. Students are also offered technical know-how through seminars, workshops, and skills training,to ensure theirtechnology readiness for the industry. Anu Victor, Lecturer in Computer Science, is the Faculty Mentor of the IT Club.

Music Club

Music knows no language and has no boundaries. The Music Club is for anyone who enjoys music regardless of whether they are musically gifted. Apart from providing opportunities to perform and sing, the club also offers avenues for music appreciation and training. If you hear melodious music coming from the Cafeteria area, long after classes are over for the day, then you know which club’s members are practising there! G. Yamini, Lecturer in English, is the Faculty Mentor of the Music Club.

Nach Le

Nach Le, the Dance Club, is one of the most popular clubs at St Mary’s College. It was established with the mission of providing students with a platform to showcase their dancing talent to live audiences and gain personal confidence through live performance. The flash mobs organised by the members of this club have been much talked about. If you love dancing, then you know which club you should be a part of! Y.Pratyusha, Lecturer in Biochemistry, is the Faculty Mentor of this club.

NSS Unit

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is an Indian governmentsponsored public service program managed by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. The goal of NSS is to develop a student’s personality through community service. It is a voluntary association of young people in schools, colleges, and universitiesstriving to build campus-community linkages. The NSS Unit of St. Mary’s College has the Principal as its Chairman and K T Srinivas, Assistant Professor of Political Science, as its Programme Coordinator. The NSS Unit organizes community outreaches, blood donation and medical camps, traffic awareness campaigns, and Swachh Bharat and Haritha Haram initiatives, among many socially relevant activities.

Photography and Media Club

This club provides an engaging space for students to learn and practice photography. The club hosts activities that help students hone their skills for print, audio-visual and digital media.Amrit AmlanPattanaik, Lecturer in Mass Communication and Journalism, is the Faculty Mentor of the Club.

Ramanujan Club

Ramanujan Club, the Mathematics Club of St. Mary’s College, isnamed after the famous Indian mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan. The clubplays an important role in nurturing interest in mathematics. The goal of this club is to encourage and support the study and mastery of mathematics. The club conducts activities such as math competitions and talks by mathematicians. If you love mathematics, then be a part! If you fear mathematics, then find a friend and mentor inthe Ramanujan Club. P. S. Murthy, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, is the Faculty Mentor of the Ramanujan Club.

Science Club

The Science Club is open to all students who love science. The club is focused on keeping this love alive through science-oriented activities. Its goal is to provide students with a safe environment to learn and experiment with science, grow into science professionals, and enjoy interactions with other science students. Its members get to attend workshops and guest lectures and participate in campus projects and competitions dedicated to science. V. Varalakshmi, Lecturer in Biotechnology, is the Faculty Mentor of the Science Club.

Sports and Fitness Club

St. Mary’s College gives much importance to physical and mental fitness. The Sports and Fitness Club is focussed on creating a culture of sports and fitness among students. Its members not only organize and take part in events within the college, but also promote sports and athletics, especially marathons, among the youth of Hyderabad. The members of this club volunteer for Hyderabad Runners and other such organizations and play an active part in the organization of events such as marathons and 10K runs. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, Assistant Director of Physical Education and Sports, is the Mentor of the Sports and Fitness Club.

Vox Populi

Vox Populi is the Soft Skills Club of St Mary’s College. Public speaking, quizzing anddebate are integral aspects of this club. Students are taught how to research topics, articulate arguments and exposit ideas.The club also prepares students interested in quizzing by conducting several in-house and inter-college quiz competitions.A.S. Jyotsna, Lecturer in English, is the Faculty Mentor of Vox Populi.