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Courses Offered

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) provides students with a good overview of management theory and practice and prepares them for management roles. BBA at St. Mary’s College offers a wide range of core and elective subjects. The programme provides a thorough grounding in general and specialized management theory and skills.

• PO1. Students are able to learn and demonstrate an understanding of the functional areas in business: accounting, marketing, finance, economics, law, and management..
• PO2. Students will adapt the knowledge of the evolving business environment and understand how change is necessary to compete in the global marketplace.
• PO3. Students will demonstrate relevant skills and abilities in proficient use of information technology in problem solving, decision-making, and communication across functional areas.
• PO4. Effectively communicate business issues, management concepts, plans and decisions both in oral and written form using appropriate supportive technologies.
• PO5. Exhibit self-confidence and awareness of general issues prevailing in the society and communicate effectively through digital and non-digital mediums, using a variety of modes such as effective reports & documentation, effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.


• PSO1. Students will apply quantitative analysis and critical thinking skills to analyze business problems within and across functional business disciplines.
• PSO2. Students will demonstrate the ability to identify a business problem, isolate its key components, analyze and assess the salient issues, set appropriate criteria for decision making, and draw appropriate conclusions and implications for proposed solutions.
• PSO3. Students will develop various real time applications using latest technologies and programming languages.
• PSO4. Students will be able to blend analytical, logical and managerial skills with the technical aspects to resolve real time issues.
• PSO5. Students will be able to apply appropriate management theory to intercultural business Scenarios.

First Year

Semester 1

Course Type and Title Credit
AECC 1 – Environmental Studies 2
CC 1A – English 5
CC 2A – Second Language – Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, French 5
DSC 1A – Principles of Management 5
DSC 2A – Basics of Marketing 5
DSC 3A – Business Economics 5
Total 27

Semester 2

Course Type and Title Credit
AECC 2 – Gender Sensitization 2
CC 1B – English 5
CC 2B – Second Language – Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, French 5
DSC 1B – Organisational Behaviour 5
DSC 2B – Business Statistics 5
DSC 3B – Business Law 5
Total 27

Second Year

Semester 3

Course Type and Title Credit
SEC 1 – Personality Development and Communication Skills 2
CC 1C – English 5
CC 2C – Second Language – Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, French 5
DSC 1C – Financial Accounting 5
DSC 2C – Human Resource Management 5
DSC 3C – Introduction to Information Technology 4
DSC 4C – IT Lab 1
Total 27

Semester 4

Course Type and Title Credit
SEC 2 – StatisticalSoftware 2
CC 1D – English 5
CC 2D – Second Language – Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, French 5
DSC 1D – Financial Management 5
DSC 2D – Marketing Research 5
DSC 3D – Business Ethics and Corporate Governance 5
Total 27

Third Year

Semester 5

Course Type and Title Credit
SEC – 3 2
General Elective – I 2
DSC 1E – Quantitative Techniques for Business 5
DSC 2E – International Business 5
DSC 3E – Fundamentals of Technology Management 4
DSE 1A – Elective – I
Financial Institutions and Markets (F)

Marketing of Services (M)

Change Management (HR)
DSE2A – Elective – II
Investment Management (F)

CRM and Retail Management (M)

Industrial Relations (HR)
Total 28

Semester 6

Course Type and Title Credit
SEC – 4 2
General Elective – II 2
DSC IF – Strategic Management 5
DSC 2F – Cost and Management Accounting 5
DSC 3E –Project Work4 5
DSC 3F – Elective – III
Banking and Insurance (F)

Consumer Behaviour (M)

Performance Management (HR)
DSE2B – Elective – IV
Business Taxation(F)

Advertising and Sales Promotion (M)

Talent Management (HR)
Total 28