Prospective Students

Campus Life


Spread across four floors lie 28 well-ventilated classrooms that create the perfect learning environment. While the natural tendency as a student may be to be outside, our experienced faculty will ensure that within the walls of the classroom, there is fun and learning. Once a class session comes to an end, take some time to enjoy the ledge outside that provides for a comfortable nook. And if you are musically inclined, here’s a fun fact – the acoustics from the ledges are impeccable, thanks to the strategically constructed atrium towering the college building.


Apart from the delicious food, the cafeteria will probably be your favorite hangout spot on the campus. This 450-seater cafeteria is tucked away in an atrium, right under a beautiful skylark.


Whether you are bookworm, a voracious reader or a student who reads only close to the exam season, the Bibliothéque will deem to be an asset if you use it well. Home to a comprehensive collection of books, journals, periodicals and a plethora of study material, this library will bridge the gap that may be left behind by your textbook.


There are seven well-equipped labs for life sciences, computer science and physical science. Our goal at St. Mary’s is to go beyond sound theoretical knowledge, to give you hands-on experience.

Sports Facilities

A Basketball court and a Volleyball court in an area of 0.25 acre is a perfect place for budding sportsmen. Indoor games like table tennis, chess and caroms are also encouraged. Coaching is offered in Lawn Tennis after the college hours.


Which educational institution in the twin cities can boast of having an in-house theatre? At St. Mary’s we take the title of being the “Most Happening College in the Twin-Cities” very seriously. Embracing the growing demand for media and technology, the Theatrix is a modern, well-designed, well-equipped 150-seat theatre. Ideal for audio-visual presentations, formal functions and lively interactive sessions, this space is constantly buzzing with energy. From screening movies, to engaging panel discussions, to hosting personnel of influence, the Theatrix has seen it all.